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Teacher Appreciation       Mothers Day

Teacher Appreciation week is May 2nd - May 6th with Teacher's Appreciation day being on May 3rd.

Any kind gesture is always appreciated by those who help raise and nurture our kids. And we all know how much of a task it can be at times, so a small "Thank You" is the perfect way to give back. 

Mini bottles of OIL or VINEGAR     $6
"MIX of 6" Minis
(split between teachers!)        $30 (save $6)

Specialty Gift:

Mini red apple balsamic, mini roasted walnut oil, "thank you" bag, gift tag with ribbon
and a recipe post card (while supplies last)
Only $12 ($18 value)

Teacher Gift 2016 

Simple Line
Mother's Day is Sunday, May 8th

Those hard working ladies in your life deserve an extra special gift. This holiday is just the time to give your mothers, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, and friends a very special "Thank You" curated by Pour Olive.

(and those who have filled or played the part!)

Small pairing of Oil & Vinegar      $22
   Standard pairing of Oil & Vinegar      $34        
                                 Gift Box                           $5 + a la carte
(Fill with up to 4 bottles and other gifts
like specialty local salts, honey, chocolate bars
and local nut butters or olive oil body products!)

Specialty Gifts:

Herbes de Provence Oil and Lavender Balsamic pairing, recipe post card, cello-gift bag with ribbon and hand-made gift tag
Orange or Lime Oil and Chocolate Balsamic pairing, recipe post card, cello-gift bag with ribbon and hand-made gift tag
Only $25 ($30 value)

Mother's Day Gifts 2016

April 15, 2016 admin

Truth In Olive Oil Logo

In Response to 60 Minutes' Olive Oil Segment....

We have had a large quantity of customers stopping in lately asking more forward and informed questions about our olive oils and their quality and WE LOVE IT! And we have 60 Minutes to thank for that.

60 Minutes recently ran a segment on the Italian olive oil industry and the Agromafia (agricultural mafia) that are present in and around Italy. They are responsible for literally bullying and running fraudulent oils through the food chain and onto American supermarket shelves. This means you are buying a large bottle of "extra virgin olive oil" labeled as such, and on the cheap, but in reality the bottle is filled with adulterated oils derived from other sources.
They are made to look and taste like an olive oil without the health benefits that so many consumers are desperate to find. And even worse? There could be seed oils or other allergen causing ingredients present in the fraudulent oils that can cause allergic reactions, and the label would never share this information as it is not regulated. It's a scary and frustrating realization.

Tom Mueller has a wonderful website called "TRUTH IN OLIVE OIL" created to help you, the consumer, seek out the best olive oils possible!

Tom Mueller is the author of Extra Virginity "a book that explores this great foodstuff from many angles – cultural, culinary, chemical, criminal – and introduces the artisan producers and age-old landscapes of fine olive oil."

Check out more about TRUTH IN OLIVE OIL here, and discover again how Pour Olive always delivers the freshest of olive oils, year round!

A quick look back at our previous post on the 60 Minute Olive Oil segment

February 08, 2016 admin