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Say "Thanks" with Pour Olive Gifts!

Make sure you let your teachers know how much you appreciate all their help, hard work, and dedication.
Give them a great, tasty, and healthy gift that is unique and will last them through the Summer!


These hand crafted gifts include a delicious recipe, one 200ml Red Apple, one 200ml Almond Oil, and a great Thank-you gift card as a finishing touch with ribbon $25-

We also have wonderful mini Red Apple Balsamic bottles wrapped with a Thank-you gift card for just $6-
Drop in before school is out for the Summer!
See you soon.

June 01, 2015 admin


It's Officially Sunny Grilling Season!

Now that spring is finally warming up, it's time to pop open that grill and get to work. You're finally able to enjoy your meals outdoors again. There are plenty of reasons to head outside for lunch or dinnner, not just the warm weather. Mother's Day is just around the corner, friends will have Father's Day and June bashes, and there is the 4th of July too; Okay maybe it has a little to do with that warm sunshine!

Make this grilling season a bit more interesting than last year, and impress your family and friends, with this great Home-Made Mustard recipe.

Mustard? YES, mustard! It is more than just a blank yellow condiment from the store shelf. Making mustard at home is rewarding. You can guarantee it will be delicious, fresh, tailored to your tastes, and wholesome (or did I mean awesome?).

Definately try this new recipe as a spread for your sandwich, but think a bit outside the box too! Our recipe is made with Pour Olive's Champagne Balsamic, but replace that with Pour Olive's Maple Balsamic and spread it on pork chops while they grill. It's a great zesty and sweet combo that is SURE to please.
Mix this mustard into your vinaigrette to create a perfect emulsion, toss it with potatoes before they go in the oven and mix them into your mashed potatoes as well. Mix up an egg or pasta salad...the uses are endless, not to mention that mustard and balsamic are a healthy flavor boost to boot.

So conquer the grilling season and enjoy your "wow that was easy" Home-Made Mustard soon!

May 05, 2015 admin