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Olive Oil In Vat

Olive Oils On The Grocery Store Shelves Aren't Always As They Appear....

Check out this article "Your Olive Oil Is Almost Certainly Fake" written by Maddie Oatman for the website Mother Jones, a piece that sums up what we are here for at Pour Olive- quality oils and vinegars bringing flavor to your meals and health to your hearts.

A lot of us choose olive oil over butter or margarine for daily cooking, salad dressings, and baking. It's a liquid gold filled with antioxidants and omega-3s to really boost your health while adding flavor to your food, too! Unfortunately, this is not always the case *gasp*. And that is no joke either. As a consumer you are free to choose whatever food you like, and when most of us choose olive oil it's for those very aforementioned health benefits. Whether you're dipping your crusty bread into it, drizzling it for extra flavor over your grilled fish, or using it as a base for your hummus or pesto what you always assume is that you are, in fact, using a fresh olive oil which provides you with flavor and health!

The truth? The olive oil you may buy from ANY grocery store, be it high-end or those touting organic and non-GMO products, is not the quality you are seeking. And at times it's not even olive oil at all *gasp again*. Why is this? The U.S. does not have strict labeling or quality standards on olive oil so those seeking a profit take advantage of this. That really hurts when the U.S. is one of the leading importers of olive oil...

A lot of companies are out there working hard hoping to be inspired and make some money. Then there are those who just want to make as much money as they can and are no longer inspired by their customers or the products they sell- long story short, the latter uses sunflower oil and other oils to cut your precious olive oil and make more money. They heat up the olives while they crush them to extract the most oil possible, this heat degrades your oil (meaning it's killing off those antioxidants and breaking down the healthy fatty chains) before it even reaches the bottle! They'll use chlorophyll and citric acid to make this inferior blend taste as close to olive oil as they can, then throw it in some clear plastic bottle allowing the sunlight to degrade the oil yet again. By the time you get the chance to use this oil it's no better than liquid margarine, devoid of its natural health benefits and wonderful flavor.

Interested in more info on our standards for our olive oils, known as Ultra Premium- the highest quality rating on the market?

January 04, 2017 admin

Oil Oil Bottles

Now Hiring for the Holiday Season

Pour Olive is in need of a friendly face with great taste buds!

We are a local small business that runs well throughout the year and then explodes during the holiday season. It's always a lot of busy fun that we look forward to each year! We are a bit short staffed moving into the 2016 Holiday Season and are in need of someone who can help us out. Are you interested or know someone who is wanting/willing to help out? Let us know with an email to [email protected] Please include a resume and a quick cover letter about yourself.

What it entails:

  • Greeting our fine guests as they arrive and directing them to their desired goods
  • Help our guests pick their favorite oils & balsamic by suggesting pairings
  • Whip up some quick samples of pairings
  • Relaying some of the most important olive oil and balsamic knowledge to those who are curious
  • Filling and stocking bottles
  • Stocking gifts, food, and body products
  • General cleaning like wiping counters, sweeping and mopping, cleaning dishes
  • General opening/closing tasks
  • Ringing up items on our register and completing transactions
  • Preparing and packaging larger orders to our customer's specifications
  • Preparing gift baskets
  • Lifting and moving 20+ pound Fusti containers
  • Stamping bags
  • Telling jokes (okay, that's not necessary but enjoyable!!)
  • Team work!

What is helpful and/or necessary:

  • Previous customer service experience in a food related industry or otherwise
  • A casual and respectful attitude/personality
  • Knowledge of common food pairings and flavor compliments
  • Ability to work on your feet for long periods
  • Ability to maintain composure during a rush
  • Efficient work ethic (multi-tasking)
  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Your own transportation
  • Team work! (Repeated because it's extra important.)

Hours will range anywhere from 10am till 6 or 7pm. We are open Monday through Saturday and the first 3 Sundays of December. We are looking to fill some Saturdays in November and several days in December. Being available for Thanksgiving EVE through Christmas Eve is extremely helpful!

Sound like a good deal? Great! Send in your information to [email protected] with a little information about yourself and your availability.

September 13, 2016 admin